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Tips for managing grief during the holiday season

Palliative Care Australia has published seven tips for managing grief during the holiday season.

Grief can be triggered by any number of things, a scent, a song, a picture. For many Australians the festive season, when we traditionally come together with family and loved ones, emphasises the people missing as much as those who are present.

Managing grief during this period can be challenging, particularly as the prevailing mood in the community is one of festivity and joy.

The tips are:
Acknowledge – remember those you have lost
Listen – to yourself and take some time for yourself
Accept – the holiday season can be a time of mixed emotions
Talk – Start the conversation
Recognise – Grief changes your world view
Remember the positive
Seek help – if your feelings impact on your ability to carry out daily activities

Click here to read the full tips.

Please note that the contact details provided in the document are for Australian support services. Click here for New Zealand support service contact details for yourself or your loved ones.

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