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US Report: People with disabilities are victims of crime more often, but report it less.

The Office for Victims of Crime is part of the United States Justice Department. Its role is “to assist crime victims and to providing leadership in changing attitudes, policies, and practices to promote justice and healing for all victims of crime.”

It has published statistics on crimes against persons with disabilities in the United States, noting that “People with disabilities are victimised at much higher rates than the rest of the population, but they report crime less frequently. Reporting rates may be lower because in many cases they know the perpetrator (e.g., an acquaintance, intimate partner, or other family member) or because of the nature of their disability (such as cognitive or physical disabilities or mental illness).”

Persons with disabilities are 14.2% of the population yet are victims of violent crimes twice as often as persons without disabilities.

A 2012 survey found that 70% of persons with disabilities reported having been abused verbally or emotionally (87.2%), physically (50.6%), sexually (41.6%), financially (31.5%) or by neglect (37.3%).

50.5% of violence against persons with disabilities occurs against victims with multiple disabilities.

Click here to read the statistics.

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