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Wellington couple who spent all elderly father’s estate money inheritance appeal dismissed

by Talia Shadwell, Stuff, 11 August 2016

Ms Shadwell reports on a case of financial elder abuse that reached the Court of Appeal this week.

When Kenneth Vernon went to live with [his son] Ashley and his wife Beverley of Tawa, north of Wellington, in 2006, the retired publican and war pensioner had assets worth nearly $330,000.

But by the time he moved into a rest home in October 2008 his assets were reduced to a bank balance of $11,000.

He died aged 91 in September 2011 with $1400 to his name.

Ashley Vernon was found to have forged four cheques using his father’s name including to buy the car and an extended warranty for it for him and his wife, he also transferred $46,500 to the couple’s account, and paid $5000 on their credit card.

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