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Why I don’t support euthanasia (and you shouldn’t either)

by Shakira Hussein, Crikey, 17 May 2016

Ms Hussein is an Australian diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and argues that “euthanasia marginalises an already vulnerable group and should not be legalised.”

I did not give the issue of euthanasia any serious consideration until after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Like so many others, I considered that opposition to euthanasia was a cause for right-wing social conservatives, not for leftie feminists like me. However, as the disease becomes more active, I began to see the ways in which the campaign to legalise euthanasia devalues the lives of people living with a disability and/or chronic disease.

Those who support the legalisation of euthanasia stress that it would be voluntary and that since they would not impose their beliefs about euthanasia upon me, I am not entitled to impose my beliefs upon them. However, this claim is based on an extremely reductive understanding of the context in which such decisions would be made: we are not all equal players in the healthcare market. 

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