A Fatal law with fatal flaws (1)

If the Referendum on the End of Life Choice Act passes, it will be enacted in its current form. Just how safe is this law?

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Our Position


The End of Life Choice Act 2019 lacks adequate safeguards against wrongful deaths.



The End of Life Choice Act 2019 will fundamentally change our societal attitudes towards compassion for the worse.


We can address end-of-life suffering without using lethal doses of drugs. There is hope, not for cure, but for relief.

Understanding the End of Life Choice Act 2019

The End of Life Choice Bill was passed in Parliament in November 2019, and then became the End of Life Choice Act 2019.  It seeks to make euthanasia and  assisted suicide legal in New Zealand. The Act will only come into force if a majority of electors voting in the upcoming referendum agree to support it. If a majority vote against it, then assisted suicide and euthanasia will remain illegal in New Zealand. 


Click here for an in-depth look at the details of the End of Life Choice Act 2019. These FAQs were sourced with permission from Risky Law NZ.

Our Alliance

The only organisation in New Zealand with the collective expertise that focuses on euthanasia, assisted suicide, and end of life care.

Suicide Risks

In 2019, mental health experts and researchers wrote an open letter to MPs highlighting the risk that introducing assisted dying would increase suicides.

15 New Zealanders share their views on care, community and the End of Life Choice Act.


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Justice Select Committee Submissions

The NZ public made 38,707 submissions on the End of Life Choice bill. 90.2% of the submissions were opposed. Read more about the key statistics and themes that emerged.

Doctors Say No

Doctors Say No is an open letter signed by more than 1620 doctors in New Zealand who are opposed to the End of Life Choice Act. 

Talking About Dying

“We want to support New Zealanders to have more conversations about death in the hope they might worry about it less.”

Find out more about Hospice NZ’s campaign  ‘We need to talk about dying’.
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